The Literary Stage

Welcome to the Literary Arts Department Home of the Literary Stage

 In addition to the many competitive contests offered by the San Mateo County Fair a variety of events occur on the indoor literary stage.

Several events on our stage are hosted by the SF/Peninsula Ca. Writers Club. During the week we have Author Book Day, our literary awards presentation, published author readings, panel discussions, performance art and musical acts, and storytelling.  We also invite you to join us for our “Meet the Artist” evening.

On the last day of the fair we present Day of the Dead indigenous dancers with DOD face painting, arts and crafts tables and festivities.

              We also encourage the use of our stage during the week for enterprising individuals who would like to develop their presentation skills in the arts. It can be a panel discussion, a standup presentation, a demonstration, or any other form of promotion.

We can provide seats, stage, and sound equipment, but you’ll have to generate your own audience. We suggest getting your friends, family and anyone else you can get interest in coming to the fair to support you. There may, or may not, be fair goers who would like to rest their weary feet at the literary stage while you are on, but there is no guarantee of an audience on our part.

We can offer a fun and professional gallery environment to present yourself and practice your delivery before taking it on the road for free. We have a limited amount of openings, and reservations are made on a first-come-first-served basis.


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