A Diamond Studded Evening At The DIAMOND AWARDS Jan 25, 2013

PAC Board Members From Left to Right – Julie Fellers, Lisa Forte, Donald Mulliken, Denise Delaney, Alisan Andrews, Beth Mostovoy, Mara Grimes, Joan Currie and Mary Alice Bowie.

PAC Board Members
Left to Right – Julie Fellers, Lisa Forte, Donald Mulliken, Denise Delaney, Alisan Andrews, Beth Mostovoy, Mara Grimes, Joan Currie and Mary Alice Bowie

The Peninsula Arts Council certainly knows how to put on a party.  As a 2012 Special Recognition recipient, I felt truly honored.  PAC President Julie Fellers and board members Beth Mostovoy, Alisan Andrews, Lisa Forte, Mary Alice Bowie, and Don Mulliken greeted my husband Boris and I with the grace and elegance befitting such a gala affair.

I enjoyed meeting my fellow Diamond Award honorees, and being inspired by their acceptance speeches.  Each of us spoke with the contagious passion that fuels our individual artistic endeavors.  We were well represented among our various expressive mediums, from Dr. Bryan Baker’s enthusiasm for Masterworks Chorale, Judy Shintani and her work for the Coastside Doctors Without Borders fundraiser, and Sonja Palmer’s Music for Minors organization.

Actress and Art in Action Advocate Maureen McVerry should win a special prize for the funniest, most engaging acceptance.  The city of Redwood City shone as the place to be for arts and culture, honoring Government Support winner Warren Dale,  Lorie Lochtefeld and her husband Eric’s commitment to the Fox Theatre, and tireless Arts Volunteer Barbara Pierce.

We were treated with performances by both of the Ray Lorenzato Young Artist recipients: Amanda Odasz is a multi-talented powerhouse with a voice to match.  I’ve known Sean Traynor as a multiple-award winning writer who’s been entering the San Mateo County Fair literary contests since 2009, but didn’t realize he is also a singer and actor.  Way to go Sean!

Welcome to Carry the Light 2013, a Creative Collaboration

“Carry the Light is all about following your smallest
inclination to its greatest conclusion.”

Carry the Light is a philosophy originated by Boris Koodrin, director of the Fine Arts Galleria at the San Mateo County Fair. His inspiration took form in collaboration with blues guitarist Kelly Richey when he illustrated her 2008 album “Carry the Light.”


Within the Fine Arts Galleria, Boris and his wife, Bardi Rosman Koodrin, the department’s literary director, provide opportunities each year at the fair for artists, writers, and performers to express themselves in their chosen medium.

Boris and Bardi believe that everyone has an important story to tell, and they provide the space with which to create. Their intent is to uplift and challenge people to reflect on how much we have to be grateful for, and to help instill the thought that there is unlimited potential in what we can do to uplift one another.


Carry the Light is not just a slogan: it is an ideal that also challenges all of us to dream a better dream for ourselves. The assumption that some of us are highly creative, while others are not, is one that Boris and Bardi continuously challenge.

“We are all called to paint a masterpiece with our lives.”