IMG_9619 copyOur volunteers are most prized here at the Galleria. Without them the show simply doesn’t happen. From constructing 12,000 sq. ft of gallery walls in a week to creatively hanging over 1000 entries,  engineering our decor, acting as docents on the gallery floor, assisting in floor sales and a million other things—we simply couldn’t do it without them.

Some are competing artists in some of our contests, others have never held a brush or drawn a straight line and are simply fellow citizens who love to play in our sandbox.

Some have stepped up to run any one of our many divisions because they have had a vision of what could be with a bit of  dedication and the desire to try something new. Some have created divisions where there were none before because they had an idea and we were happy to listen.

There is a tremendous opportunity for our volunteer program to grow into what we think it could someday be. When a fair goer leaves our department with a smile or hangs around for hours in conversation,  or returns to visit us on another day with a friend in tow, we know we’ve done our job.

If you enjoy meeting people and helping them to enjoy something special, then we invite you to take a leap and join our volunteer pool. High school students in search of community service hours are also welcome.

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