Visual Arts Contests

The Visual Arts Divisions include everything except Literary Arts. All of our contests offer cash prizes and ribbons. Every contest is sponsored by either the San Mateo County Fair or by an independent entity like the Peninsula Arts Council, the Peninsula Arts Museum or any individual person who would like to create a new category and supply the prize money.

In order to enter any of the Galleria contests you must use the entry form that is found on the official guidebook published by the San Mateo County Fair. Refer to the Fine Arts Galleria section for a list of contests in Visual Arts.

The entry form can also be found on the county fair website. The due date for entering any Visual Arts contest (including Photography) differs from the due date for the Literary Arts Department, so please double check all dates for entering. Our book cover art/photo contests found in the Visual Arts section require an early entry date as well.


San Bruno artist Boris Koodrin is director of the Fine Arts Galleria. He is a visionary painter of canvases and murals. His favorite canvas is the interior wooden closet door. His collection of doors is aptly named “Life Thinly Sliced” and can be seen at different venues around San Francisco and the Peninsula.

The inspiration for Carry the Light came from having worked with blues artist Kelly Richey on her album cover by the same name in 2008.

Boris invites creative minds to join the Galleria team in creating something unique.

“Whatever you do is a creative endeavor when you put your mind to it. We are all called to create a masterpiece with our lives. We have 12,000 square feet of gallery space, a live stage, a county fair and free rent—let’s play!”

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