Art Sales


Co-director Kayte Van De Mark heads our sales department and can be found at the sales desk at the Galleria. The nice thing about the Fine Arts Galleria is that seasoned professionals and first-time amateurs are both represented on our walls—and we love to sell our artist’s work.

Kayte Van De Mark, a career designer originally from San Francisco, created the original personal design program  
Body Architecture: 20 Questions tm to bridge the elements of architecture and that of the human form. You will be able to repeat exactly who you are!

In 1980, with a background in advertising art, wardrobe construction, industrial design, theatrical design and space planning, she entered into an extensive apprenticeship to learn the Munsell System of Color Identification and started her own consulting firm that specialized in connection of repeating who you are inside and out to result in ultimate authenticity.

After years of sitting at the drawing board creating detailed plans for commercial and residential structures, she realized the sence of order that was the essence of its process. During this time, she spent countless dollars and many hours attempting to develop a unique professional personal style that would match her talents. But to her avail, she learned that “out in the world”, there was no plan! The result: The Body Architecture: 20 Questions tm Interview System was created! 

Kayte has since used the system with Harrah’s Hotel Corporation, The Trump Organization, ABC affilliate news broadcasters, Women on Wall Street, political canditates, National Trial Lawyers Association, American Board of Opticianry, and countless other high profile professionals.

At the Galleria our desire is to provide a professional look that our artists can feel proud of and know that they will be well represented when they enter their work at this venue. We provide artist biographies and  statements and make a real effort to get to personally know our artists in order to best represent them to the public.

The Fine Arts Galleria is one place to find some fantastic art deals. If you are looking for a yet undiscovered diamond in the rough, this is the place to find some incredible art pieces by amateur artists at attractive prices.

Likewise, we earnestly seek to put to rest the notion of the starving artist.  We strive to create a healthy value-for-value exchange between artist and art lovers.

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