For those of you who know about my semi-autobiographical novel in progress, Killing the Kid, you may not realize that one of the human characters, Phineas Warren McCool, began his life as a dog. An Irish Setter to be exact. I wrote Jingle Balls, A Canine Christmas Story for my weekly short short story group, Crystal Springs Creative Writers. They enjoyed it so I decided to share it on bardiblog. This photo was taken in May, 1969 when Phineas was about 5 months old. I’m holding his collar because he was a flurry of perpetual motion. My younger brothers Paul and Tom Rosman were with us, celebrating Paul’s 7th grade Confirmation at Saint Gabriel Church in the San Francisco Sunset district where we grew up. Speaking of my late brother Paul, he was the inspiration for Ross Evans, a character in Killing the Kid, as well as the central figure…

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Call for Creative Nonfiction – Mental Health America of Illinois

Hi everyone,
Those of you who attended the literary stage events on Opening Weekend of the 2014 San Mateo County Fair will remember Mary Ruth Coffey, who won first place in the Memoir Contest. Mary flew all the way from Chicago to join us and we were thrilled to have her. I think her project announcement is intriguing and wanted to share it with all of you. If you’re interested, please contact Mary directly.

Bardi Rosman Koodrin
Literary Director, Fine Arts Galleria at the San Mateo County Fair

Subject: Storytelling Project for Wellness – Call for Writing and Art

Dear Writing and Artist Friends,

I am pleased to announce that I am producing a storytelling and visual arts project at and for Mental Health America of Illinois. We are accepting 24 creative nonfiction stories of recovery and journey toward mental wellness, and will recruit 24 artists to partner with the storytellers to interpret them through a visual art piece. Attached are two pieces: “Call for Storytellers”; and “Call for Artists”. I hope you will consider participating in this important awareness project, raising funds for youth and community wellness, and please share with your writing and visual arts friends.

Detailed information is provided in each attached “Call for Entries”, so please review carefully and submit as called for. Of course, however, do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Cheers, good health, namaste,

Mary Ruth

Mary Ruth Coffey
Executive Director
Mental Health America of Illinois

Mary Ruth Coffey
maryruth.yoga@gmail.com | 312.622.3891

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

I write stuff, therefore I must read my stuff


We can’t help it. Writers need an audience. Must be in our DNA.

So, after deciding to blog again after a year off, I have decided to go ahead and make it to the California Writers Club Open Mic tonight to present my story Golden Girl.
Golden Girl is a nostalgic look back at the most important thing in my life as an eight year old girl: my golden 3-speed English racer. I had to defend my most prized possession against a bully of a boy three years older and a lot heavier.
For any of you who want to hear my story Golden Girl, I will be at the Reach and Teach book store at 144 W 25th Ave in San Mateo, phone # 759-3784, http://www.reachandteach.com


Our host, Reach and Teach, provides a place for people to gather and browse an array of products; from children’s picture…

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Blog Fog: My excuse for not blogging this entire year!

Okay, okay, here’s the deal: I have been a bad bardi blogger. Blame it on Blog Fog. Here is my attempt to be a good bardi blogger.


If you could see my face, you’d note that my cheeks are a deep crimson. Why, you ask? It’s embarrassing to admit but what the hell, I’ll make this confession to the entire Virtual Reality community. I have not posted on my blog for an entire year. Twelve long months without even opening up the site. Here’s another confession: I forgot my password and didn’t do anything about it.

Call it Blog Fog.

“What’s the problem?” you may ask. You might add, “Who the bleep cares?”

I am supposed to care! You see, I’m a writer. Writers are supposed to write, are they not? The problem is, my attitude about making regular online posts has been somewhat self-defeating. That’s why I call it Blog Fog.

My question has always been who is going to read my blog? How is  anyone going to find me in this huge vast Cyberspace stuffed full of diligent bloggers? 

Cyberspace seems like a scary place Cyberspace…

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Send Copus to Rome!













Every year COPUS contributes on our indoor Literary stage to open the week long Carry the Light venue at the Fine Arts Galleria at the San Mateo County fair. We love them and you will too. Help send this fantastic group to Rome by clicking on the link below, Like the page, and then vote by downloading the free song.


Boris Koodrin

Wendy Loomis     9:26am Feb 6
Please take a moment to VOTE for COPUS to perform in Rome. One VOTE = one FREE DOWNLOAD of “The Fool” (composed by Wendy Loomis; lyrics by Royal Kent). But that’s not all! Say you wanted to win a trip to Cancun. Now is your chance. All you are required to do to enter is show up at any Hard Rock Cafe between today and February 17th, and check in with your smartphone. Plu
s, when you do, your vote for COPUS is tripled! Thank you.

Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco | Hard Rock Rising 2014

Exhibit Moving to Eastern Columbia Building

Exhibit Moving to Eastern Columbia Building

Boris Koodrin’s illustrated door exhibit “Life Thinly Sliced” is now showing at Art Meets Architecture’s The Salon at Eastern Columbia along with selected paintings from the “Inner Visions” collection. Eastern Columbia is one of the many grand old buildings on Broadway in downtown LA that has experienced a rebirth in recent years. Dedicated in 1925 it is a magnificent statement of the burgeoning art deco movement of the 20’s and is just across the street from the famous United Artists Building that was financed by Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin in 1927.

The exhibit will be at the 9th floor Salon until mid October and then will be moving to another venue in LA.

Phoenix Rising ever higher

ImageMany of you have seen the San Francisco group Copus performing their rapp/jazz/fusion on our Galleria stage over the years. Founder and composer Wendy Loomis and flutist Monica Williams from Copus are also very well established artists in the field of ambient music and go by the name of Phoenix Rising.

Their last release of ‘Ascension’ in 2009 was a successful release receiving 5 separate nominations from the LA Music Awards and Hollywood Music and Media Awards. In addition, it can still be heard on hundreds of analog, satellite and cable radio stations nationally and internationally.

Their latest project ‘Mystic Places’ is a CD that will combine acoustic piano, synthesizers, traditional and world flutes interlaced with nature sounds. ‘Mystic Places’ is about taking a journey: to places in the outside world and to places within the human spirit.

We strongly urge you as part of the Carry the Light Galleria family to join Phoenix Rising in this creative healing endeavor by visiting this link to their project and lending your support. Hundreds of their CD’s are donated to the National Foundation for Cancer Research.


San Francisco Artist Boris Koodrin’s One-Man Show at the Fine Arts Building, Los Angeles Art Walk August 2013

Boris Koodrin’s One-Man Show at the Fine Arts Building for the Los Angeles Art Walk August 2013


Life Thinly Sliced, a collection of illustrated wooden doors by San Francisco born artist/muralist Boris Koodrin. Influences from the San Francisco 60’s scene blend with a mystical twist into a deep reverence for nature and the inner journey. Artist reception August 8th 6-8PM. Featuring Live Jazz! Presented by Art meets Architecture


“I walk through secret doors in order to touch the sublime.”

Fine Arts Building

“While wandering behind the wall of the everyday, I find myself the painter who creates doors for others to walk through.”


Fine Arts BuildingFine Arts Building

Fine Arts Building 811 W. 7th St., Los Angeles 213-489-4054      www.artmeetsarchitecture.com