I write stuff, therefore I must read my stuff


We can’t help it. Writers need an audience. Must be in our DNA.

So, after deciding to blog again after a year off, I have decided to go ahead and make it to the California Writers Club Open Mic tonight to present my story Golden Girl.
Golden Girl is a nostalgic look back at the most important thing in my life as an eight year old girl: my golden 3-speed English racer. I had to defend my most prized possession against a bully of a boy three years older and a lot heavier.
For any of you who want to hear my story Golden Girl, I will be at the Reach and Teach book store at 144 W 25th Ave in San Mateo, phone # 759-3784, http://www.reachandteach.com


Our host, Reach and Teach, provides a place for people to gather and browse an array of products; from children’s picture…

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2 comments on “I write stuff, therefore I must read my stuff

  1. Hi Bardi, I’ll see you there. Not reading, but attending. I look forward to hearing your story!

  2. It’s always nice to spot a familiar face in the audience Darlene. Hopefully you’ll be smiling while I’m reading Golden Girl! See you there.

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