I write stuff, therefore I must read my stuff


We can’t help it. Writers need an audience. Must be in our DNA.

So, after deciding to blog again after a year off, I have decided to go ahead and make it to the California Writers Club Open Mic tonight to present my story Golden Girl.
Golden Girl is a nostalgic look back at the most important thing in my life as an eight year old girl: my golden 3-speed English racer. I had to defend my most prized possession against a bully of a boy three years older and a lot heavier.
For any of you who want to hear my story Golden Girl, I will be at the Reach and Teach book store at 144 W 25th Ave in San Mateo, phone # 759-3784, http://www.reachandteach.com


Our host, Reach and Teach, provides a place for people to gather and browse an array of products; from children’s picture…

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Blog Fog: My excuse for not blogging this entire year!

Okay, okay, here’s the deal: I have been a bad bardi blogger. Blame it on Blog Fog. Here is my attempt to be a good bardi blogger.


If you could see my face, you’d note that my cheeks are a deep crimson. Why, you ask? It’s embarrassing to admit but what the hell, I’ll make this confession to the entire Virtual Reality community. I have not posted on my blog for an entire year. Twelve long months without even opening up the site. Here’s another confession: I forgot my password and didn’t do anything about it.

Call it Blog Fog.

“What’s the problem?” you may ask. You might add, “Who the bleep cares?”

I am supposed to care! You see, I’m a writer. Writers are supposed to write, are they not? The problem is, my attitude about making regular online posts has been somewhat self-defeating. That’s why I call it Blog Fog.

My question has always been who is going to read my blog? How is  anyone going to find me in this huge vast Cyberspace stuffed full of diligent bloggers? 

Cyberspace seems like a scary place Cyberspace…

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