Send Copus to Rome!













Every year COPUS contributes on our indoor Literary stage to open the week long Carry the Light venue at the Fine Arts Galleria at the San Mateo County fair. We love them and you will too. Help send this fantastic group to Rome by clicking on the link below, Like the page, and then vote by downloading the free song.


Boris Koodrin

Wendy Loomis     9:26am Feb 6
Please take a moment to VOTE for COPUS to perform in Rome. One VOTE = one FREE DOWNLOAD of “The Fool” (composed by Wendy Loomis; lyrics by Royal Kent). But that’s not all! Say you wanted to win a trip to Cancun. Now is your chance. All you are required to do to enter is show up at any Hard Rock Cafe between today and February 17th, and check in with your smartphone. Plu
s, when you do, your vote for COPUS is tripled! Thank you.

Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco | Hard Rock Rising 2014