Phoenix Rising ever higher

ImageMany of you have seen the San Francisco group Copus performing their rapp/jazz/fusion on our Galleria stage over the years. Founder and composer Wendy Loomis and flutist Monica Williams from Copus are also very well established artists in the field of ambient music and go by the name of Phoenix Rising.

Their last release of ‘Ascension’ in 2009 was a successful release receiving 5 separate nominations from the LA Music Awards and Hollywood Music and Media Awards. In addition, it can still be heard on hundreds of analog, satellite and cable radio stations nationally and internationally.

Their latest project ‘Mystic Places’ is a CD that will combine acoustic piano, synthesizers, traditional and world flutes interlaced with nature sounds. ‘Mystic Places’ is about taking a journey: to places in the outside world and to places within the human spirit.

We strongly urge you as part of the Carry the Light Galleria family to join Phoenix Rising in this creative healing endeavor by visiting this link to their project and lending your support. Hundreds of their CD’s are donated to the National Foundation for Cancer Research.


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