The 2013 Literary Contest Winners


We think everyone is a winner, but here is the official list. There were 15 judges and all entries were read “blind,” that is, the author’s name is not on the entry. Not all judges awarded first prizes or gave honorable mentions. A few of the entries were not published in this volume because of the author’s wishes.*

**We apologize for the processing error that precluded Judythe A. Guarnera’s work from being published in this anthology.  Look for her award winning memoir and essay along with her photo and bio on the fair’s literary website – the editors

Div 308 The Graphic Novel

HM Charlotte Cheng, Pudgy Puppy Zombie Dog


Div 322 Memoir

1st Sue Barizon, Some Friend

2nd Bart H. Oxley, The Legend of the Meadows

3rd Jamie Miller, Of Uncles and Heroes

HM Laura Deck, Paris Revisited: A Trip of One’s Own

HM Judythe A. Guarnera, The Bridesmaid and the Plumber’s


HM Ellen Six, Pink Ballet Slippers


Div 324 Adventures in Science

2nd Michele Jessen, Snowflakes Are Nearly Ready


Div 326 CWC Writer of the Year

1st Sue Barizon, Popping the Kernel

HM Audrey Kalman, Back After a Break to Discuss the Decline

of Civilization*

HM Sean Traynor, Orphan Dreams


Div 327 “I’m Dying to Tell You” Mystery Novel Chapter

1st Linda Brown, The Dram Shop Case


Div 328 The Immigrant Experience: Novel, Memoir,

Short Story, Or Monologue

3rd Maria Elena Bernal d Barr, Why


Div 329 Parenting on the Peninsula Children’s Novel Chapter or Story

1st Anne Cronin Jayne, Max and Marshmallow

2nd Anne Cronin Jayne, Escape to the Sea

3rd Charlotte Cheng, In the Night Market

HM Tice Swackhamer, The Season *


Div 330 Poetry

Class 1 Free Form

1st Maurine Killough. Saint Schizophrenia

2nd Maurine Killough, The Color of Roux

3rd Maurine Killough, Imperishable

HM Maurine Killough, Poet of the People

HM Stacy Sorrells, Sanctuary of Sickness


Class 2 Senior Free Form

1st Evie Groch, In the Cupboard

2nd Carolyn Donnell, Silenced

3rd Evie Groch, Costly Words and Priceless Phrases

HM Maria Elena, Bernal d Barre, If My Garden Could Talk

HM Yvonne Dechant Lorvan, November

HM Elinor Gale, 101 Candles*

HM Evie Groch, What I Didn’t Know

HM Evie Groch, The Desk

HM Evie Groch, Left Hanging in a Web


Class 4 Senior Structured

1st Evie Groch, Unfriendly Suffixes

2nd Evie Groch, A Villainous Villanelle

3rd Evie Groch, Ballad of the Bus Driver

HM Evie Groch, Strings Attached


Poetry Best of Show

Evie Groch, In the Cupboard


Div 331 Essay

Class 1

3rd Nadine Moreno, South San Francisco, Then and Now


Class 2 Senior Essay

1st Elizabeth Fajardo, Sister Mary Petronilla and the Lost Girl

2nd Judythe A. Guarnera, Acing the Final**

3rd Elizabeth Fajardo, Almost Sisters

HM Louise L. Wallace, Communicating by Dinosaur

Essay Best of Show

Elizabeth Fajardo, Sister Mary Petronilla and

the Lost Girl


Div 332 Short Story

Class 1 General Fiction

1st Audrey Kalman, California*

2nd Lisa Meltzer Penn, Prescience

3rd Pastor Bejinez, La Loteria

HM Nicole Cavanaugh, When I Visited My Future Self

HM Sean Traynor, Friends for Life

HM Sean Traynor, The Garage Sale Fabulous Find

HM Sean Traynor, Orphan Dreams


Class 2 Senior General Fiction

1st Jarmila Marie Skalna, Hemingway’s Pilar

2nd Jerrold Jayne, Anticipating Gladys

3rd Carolyn Donnell, The Art Lesson

HM Sue Barizon, Popping the Kernel

HM Jo Carpignano, Big Day for Billy

HM Bart H. Oxley, An Incident in the Hop Fields

HM Frank A. Saunders, Diagnosis


Class 4 Senior Science Fiction/Fantasy

1st Margaret Davis, Barbecue: A Nightmarish Tale

2nd Carolyn Donnell, Night of the Silver Moon


Class 6 Senior Mystery Thriller

1st Rita Beach, The Killing on Hollow Creek Road

2nd Bernadine Fornesi, The History Assignment


Class 8 Senior Western

1st Marjorie Johnson, The Moaning Place


Short Story Best of Show

Audrey Kalman, California*


Div 800 Notre Dame de Namur University $20,000

Creative Writing Scholarship

1st Julie Wong, This is My Crime

HM Mayeanne Avena, Mission to Reunite

HM Elizabeth Johnson, An Unfinished Autobiography

HM Daryl Claude Medina, A Friend Like No Other


Div 314 Fine Arts Book Cover Art Contest “Carry the

Light” for The San Mateo County Fair Literary


1st Front Cover Thomas A. Ekkens, Dance of Light

2nd Back Cover Randie Marlow, Eucalyptus Light


2013 Literary Exhibitor of the Year

Evie Groch



Congratulations to all of the winners!

San Mateo Poet Laureate nomination deadline is Wed July 31st

Calling all San Mateo County Poets!

San Mateo County Poet Laureate Nomination Period Ends on Wednesday, July 31st!

(Redwood City, CA) – Wednesday, July 31st will mark the close of the nomination period for all poets interested in becoming San Mateo County’s first Poet Laureate, or for those interested in nominating a poet for the honorary post. There is still time to submit your nomination for consideration – but do so quickly!

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors created the honorary post of Poet Laureate at their April 23rd meeting. Supervisors Groom and Slocum formed the San Mateo County Poet Laureate Advisory Committee which includes: California Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera; Jackie Berger, Director of the Master of Arts in English Program at Notre Dame de Namur University; Kalamu Chaché, East Palo Alto Poet Laureate; Maryann Moise Derwin, Chair of the San Mateo County Library JPA Governing Board and Portola Valley City Council; Anne-Marie Despain, Director of Library Services for San Mateo County Library; Julie Fellers, President, Peninsula Arts Council; Mary Gutierrez, Dean of Language Arts at Skyline College; Clark Kepler, local business advocate; Bardi Rosman Koodrin, Literary Director of the San Mateo County Fair; Donald Mulliken, San Mateo County Arts Commissioner; Christopher Wachlin, President of the CA Writers Club, San Francisco-Peninsula Branch; and Bonny Zanardi, Arts Columnist for the San Jose Mercury News. The selected Poet Laureate’s role will be to elevate poetry among San Mateo County residents and to celebrate the literary arts. The nomination deadline is July 31, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.

“We are heartened to see so many nominations already before the close of the nominating period which speaks to the number of fine poets within San Mateo County and our strong literary arts community,” said Supervisor Warren Slocum. “We look forward to celebrating the diversity of our County through the spoken word and literary arts.”

Supervisor Carole Groom added, “In our Silicon Valley world of hurried communication, poetry offers a gift of the well-crafted phrase. A Poet Laureate can act as a steward of language, providing opportunities to savor words and sound. We are hoping that this will inspire children and adults to read, write, and share poetry in San Mateo County.”

Eligibility Criteria for the San Mateo County Poet Laureate includes:
· The Poet Laureate must be 18 years or older.
· The Poet Laureate will be available to serve a two-year term, commencing in October 2013.
· The Poet Laureate will be a San Mateo County resident of at least three years who has been published or recognized for poetry and literary contributions. The number and quality of published works will be taken into account in our selection process.
· The Poet Laureate will have demonstrated a commitment to and passion for poetry and embraces the opportunity to engage in community service to make poetry more accessible and available.
· The Poet Laureate must have a willingness to serve as an ambassador for San Mateo County and to engage the citizens of San Mateo County in poetry at public events through public readings, workshops, visiting schools and other means.
· The Poet Laureate must be available to travel throughout San Mateo County.

Responsibilities of the San Mateo County Poet Laureate include:
· The Poet Laureate will represent San Mateo County and the art of poetry through outreach activities related to poetry.
· The Poet Laureate will present appropriate works at a minimum of four selected County-sponsored events during the year, including events involving schools and youth.
· The Poet Laureate will write a commemorative poem about San Mateo County or its environs.
· The Poet Laureate will open the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meetings with a poem every quarter.

Nomination forms and guidelines are available online at, as well as at local libraries and at the County Government Center. For more information, please contact Marci Dragun at or (650) 599-1021. Applications should be submitted by email to Paper submissions can be sent to: San Mateo County Poet Laureate, Supervisor Warren Slocum, Board of Supervisors, 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063.