Welcome to Carry the Light 2013, a Creative Collaboration

“Carry the Light is all about following your smallest
inclination to its greatest conclusion.”

Carry the Light is a philosophy originated by Boris Koodrin, director of the Fine Arts Galleria at the San Mateo County Fair. His inspiration took form in collaboration with blues guitarist Kelly Richey when he illustrated her 2008 album “Carry the Light.”


Within the Fine Arts Galleria, Boris and his wife, Bardi Rosman Koodrin, the department’s literary director, provide opportunities each year at the fair for artists, writers, and performers to express themselves in their chosen medium.

Boris and Bardi believe that everyone has an important story to tell, and they provide the space with which to create. Their intent is to uplift and challenge people to reflect on how much we have to be grateful for, and to help instill the thought that there is unlimited potential in what we can do to uplift one another.


Carry the Light is not just a slogan: it is an ideal that also challenges all of us to dream a better dream for ourselves. The assumption that some of us are highly creative, while others are not, is one that Boris and Bardi continuously challenge.

“We are all called to paint a masterpiece with our lives.”

5 comments on “Welcome to Carry the Light 2013, a Creative Collaboration

  1. Patrick Quinn says:

    One big congratulation

    • Thanks so much, Patrick, especially since you are the very first person to comment. I hope you plan on submitting to the literary contests, I’d love to see your name in the second Carry the Light Anthology!

  2. Patrick Quinn says:

    Just a comment for Boris
    Light at the top right hand corner usually represents hope.
    I would like to see the painting turned around and the sunset on the right !!
    Just a comment from a non-professional!!

  3. Good input Patrick. Initially the idea was to put Kelly Richey (the girl) on the front with the sunset on the back as per her request–and I painted it with that in mind. The art director decided to make the front cover look like a leather record album cover and then to reconfigure my art for the inside panel and the backside panel.
    You can see that they chose to flip my painting over and then move the girl a bit to the right. I posted a shot of the CD case with the Galleria photos (see toolbar at top of page).


  4. Sue Barizon says:

    Many thanks to you both for creating yet another venue for struggling, bewildered and driven writers in the community. We owe you both our gratitude and support.

    Sue Barizon

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